The Trish Sweeney Award 

The Trish Sweeney Youth Encouragement Award is an award for youth within MMuDS. Trish Sweeney was a very active and inspiring member of MMuDS who we want to remember through our young people and this Award in her name. Each year the MMuDS Committee examines a number of prospects for this Award and the criteria for winning is based on a 'best and fairest' approach. The names of the recipients are instated on an Honour Board installed permanently in the foyer of the Mansfield Performing Arts Centre.




Hope Briggs


Christopher Robson


Courtney Smith


Jacob Bolwell


Erin Padbury


Simone Gibney


Daniel Meadows






Saskia Teunissen


Chris Lewis


Owen Holland


Aaron Gleeson


Nathaniel Parsons


Hamish Huxtable


Annaliese Lawry


Shannon Arndt


Brook Saville


Bella MacMunn, Jarrah Pitt


No award given


Josh Jenkins, Tristan Stevenson

2017 Lachlan Barrett, Orvokki Britton

2017 Trish Sweeney Youth Encouragement Award recipients. Lachlan Barrett and Orvokki Britton with Chris Walpole at the 2017 MMuDS AGM.

Lachlan Barrett

Lachlan has delighted us on stage in both MMuDS productions of Lyfe of Bryan and Jekyll & Hyde. Behind the scenes Lachlan is an incredibly enthusiastic, energetic and passionate actor. His dedication and

commitment are inspiring. He does not fail to put a smile on the face of all on stage with him. He is constantly thinking, analysing and committing to memory every direction, line and song. Lachlan hopes to make acting a career, and we at MMuDS would love nothing more than to see him on the big stage!

Orvokki Britton

Orvokki bounced onto the stage as ‘Chip’ the teacup in our 2016 production of Beauty & the Beast andit was hard to believe she was only 11 years old. She performed like a veteran on and off stage, helping others and creating an organised environment for herself and fellow cast members. She hardly took a breath when she took on one of the young leads in Lyfe of Bryan in 2017. It is obvious that Orvokki works hard at her roles, takes on responsibilities and is a strong contributor to MMuDSproductions and well deserving of the Trish Sweeney Youth Encouragement Award    


Trish Sweeney - Youth Encouragement Award recipient, Bella MacMunn with 2014 President, Michele Padbury at the MMuDS AGM.

Bella MacMunn 2014

Bella MacMunn performed exceptionally well in her cast role in Sound of Music, but in addition she was able to understand a broader picture than her stage part. She took on greater responsibilities and helped others to achieve their goals. Most importantly she did this in a complementary way. Being able to see what gaps needed to be filled, solving problems and all the time cheerful and respectful. Bella is also a keen contributor within the Actor Factory and able to listen and take on any number of tasks with confidence and the ability to work with others. This to our way of thinking shows leadership and worthy of recognition.

Jarrah Pitt 2014

Jarrah Pitt was the technical engineer for A Month of Sundays. This is a role not usually taken on by a young person, but Jarrah is currently doing a course on Theatre Management and has a passion and leaning to work in this field. His ability to work independently and almost single handedly taking on the technical side of a  full play is no mean feat for anyone. So MMuDS recognizes his skill, ability to work under pressure and thank him for the many hours spent contributing to the success of this play. It is with great respect that we award him the Trish Sweeney Award along with Bella Macmunn for 2014 and their names will now be included on the Honour Board permanently installed in the foyer of the PAC along with deserving previous recipients.

Trish Sweeney - Youth Encouragement Award recipients, Josh Jenkins and Tristan Stevenson with Chris Walpole at the MMuDS AGM.

Recipient Josh Jenkins 2106

Outstanding contribution and commitment to back stage in MMuDS’ production of Beauty and the Beast.

Recipient Tristan Stevenson 2016
Outstanding caring and supportive contribution both on stage and back stage to MMuDS’ 2016 productions and past productions.

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