Life Members

Life Members have played an important part in MMuDS. Thanks to the following Life Members:

Kay Harris
Anne Wileman
Shirley Patterson
Jeannie McDonagh
Bill McDonagh
David Parsons
Arthur Huggins
Cathie Smith
Michele Padbury
Daryl Hunt
Fern Chadband

Life membership is awarded to a MMuDS member who has made an outstanding contribution to MMuDS for over 15 years. The Committee, or a Committee member, nominates and considers whether a member is eligible for Life Membership. For Life Membership to be awarded, an absolute majority of the Committee must agree. Existing Life Members may assist the Committee in making a decision or by providing further information or testimonials about the nominated member. 

The following criteria are provided to assist the Committee to consider the eligibility of a member for Life Membership, noting that not all criteria need to be met and that there may be other relevant criteria that should be considered. 

The nominated member has: 

  • made an outstanding contribution to more than one aspect of MMuDS’ productions (performance, orchestra, staging, direction, committee etc.) 
  • provided guidance, leadership and assistance to others over a variety of production areas 
  • detailed expertise in a particular area 
  • actively promoted MMuDS in the local and broader community 
  • encouraged others to participate in MMuDS 
  • worked well with other MMuDS members 
  • represented MMuDS on other committees 
  • been involved in non-production activities (working bees, Supper Club etc) 
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