MMuDS Audition & Casting Policy


The purpose of this policy is to outline the requirements for auditioning and casting for MMuDS productions.

Audition Process:

  • Formal expressions of interest (EoI) will be called before the audition process.
  • All people who lodge an EoI either online or from an Expression of Interest session will be offered an audition.
  • Auditions will be held at a nominated date, time and place of MMuDS’ choosing. Reasonable effort will be made to accommodate the person auditioning’s preference for audition times.
  • All people who are to be auditioned will complete the MMuDS audition form and any supplementary documentation prior to the audition.
  • Once auditions are completed and selections made, the Director will personally contact all those who auditioned and advise them whether they have been successful or not.
  • The provision of feed-back is at the sole discretion of the Director.

Audition Panel:

  • The Audition Panel will include, as a minimum, two people, including as mandatory, the Director and one other (e.g. Musical Director, Producer, Stage Manager, Vocal Coach).
  • An Audition Panel of more than two is at the discretion of the Director.
  • All Audition Panel members must be current financial MMuDS members.
  • The auditioning process and selection criteria are at the sole discretion of the Audition Panel.
  • Selection for role/roles in a production is at the sole discretion of the Director.

Principles for Auditions:

  • Selection for a role in a MMuDs production is done through the Audition process. Where asked, a person will come prepared to audition with material as identified by the Audition Panel.
  • Where the Audition Panel has not identified specific material, the person auditioning should come prepared to present their acting/singing ability to their best advantage and, where possible, with relevance to the production.
  • Auditions will be conducted at the Director’s discretion.
  • The Audition Panel and the person auditioning will participate in good faith in the audition process.
  • The person auditioning will be given an equal opportunity to audition for a role/chorus. The person auditioning will be given the opportunity to nominate for specific role/roles. The person auditioning will be given the opportunity to take on a role for which they did not audition if, in the opinion of the Audition Panel, they are suited to that role.
  • The person auditioning will have the option to decline to participate in either a role for which they auditioned or another role for which they have been selected.
  • The person auditioning will be advised of rehearsal and show requirements.
  • Failure to attend a nominated audition time will, in general, exclude the person auditioning from the production at the discretion of the Audition Panel. 

Principles for Casting:

  • The Audition Panel will consider suitability of the person auditioning for specific roles in the production having regard but not limited to, acting ability, singing ability, age, gender, team work, work ethic etc. with the objective of selecting the best person for the role and the overall look and feel of the production.

All MMuDS Activities & Shows:



  • Where the Audition Panel is unable to cast role/roles due to a lack of suitable person presenting for audition, they are required to advise the President and Committee of MMuDS.
  • Where agreed by the MMuDS Committee, the Director may personally approach MMuDS members or others and canvass their interest in participating in a particular role.
  • Where a MMuDS member expresses interest in participating in a role in the production, they may be auditioned in the same manner as other people seeking a role.

General Chorus:

  • Where the Audition Panel considers that they require additional, non-speaking part chorus members, the Audition Panel is required to advise the President and Committee MMuDS. The MMuDS Committee and Director (with agreement) will canvass MMuDS members for interest in participating in the production as a non-speaking part chorus member and those people may be auditioned.


  • The President and Committee of MMuDS will be advised immediately of any dispute arising from the auditioning and casting process for a production.
  • Disputes will be managed in keeping with the Grievance Procedures in the MMuDS’ Rules of Association.


  • Calls for Expressions of Interest to be in a MMuDS production will be advertised in the Community including but not limited to:
  • The MMuDS web site
  • The MMuDS Newsletter

All those involved in a MMuDS production must be current financial members of MMuDS before the date of the first rehearsal and for the duration of the production.


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